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NEWS token statistics

NEWS price

Latest price for 1 NEWS in USD

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Total USD amount of NEWS transacted in the last 24 hours

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Total value of all tokens in circulation

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User actions

Number of user actions on PUBLISHlink

  • Logins 628,362
  • Reads 5,477,429
  • Shares 18,949,057


Total number of transactions on the Luniverse network

  • 1,398,451

User rewards

NEWS awarded to PUBLISHlink users

  • Logins 188,509 NEWS
  • Reads 164,323 NEWS
  • Shares 1,136,943 NEWS

Partner rewards

NEWS awarded to PUBLISHalliance partners

  • Nodes 37,366,209 NEWS
  • Donations 100,434 NEWS


NEWS tokens awarded for participating in events

  • 2,807,914 NEWS


Number of media NFTs minted

  • 36,904
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