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PUBLISH unveils `PUBLISH chat`, Web3-powered commenting platform

25 May 2023

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사진 = 퍼블리시가 웹3.0 댓글 보상 서비스인 ‘퍼블리시챗’을 출시했다. / 퍼블리시

PUBLISH is pleased to announce the release of ‘PUBLISH chat’, a new commenting platform powered by Web3 technology.

Available as a user-friendly web widget, PUBLISH chat allows news media organizations to reward content consumers in NEWS tokens for leaving comments and postively contributing to the discussion of news content.

The service seamlessly integrates with PUBLISH link, a read-and-earn solution introduced by PUBLISH in late 2021.

PUBLISH chat provides real-time analytics and insights, allowing publishers to understand audience behavior, engagement, and content performance on their websites. Furthermore, it gives administrators the ability to moderate comments and block malicious accounts, ensuring a safe and respectful environment.

To enjoy the service, readers are required to sign in through PUBLISHlink, after which they can begin earning NEWS tokens by commenting on news content and responding to existing comments. Additionally, readers can review all the comments they have made via the PUBLISH link member’s page, and set a pseudonym for their online interactions.

Commenting on the launch, PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon, said the purpose of PUBLISH chat is to “increase engagement by rewarding users who positively contribute to the discussion of news.”

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