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PUBLISH’s NEWS token to be listed on GOPAX

31 May 2022

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PUBLISH is pleased to announce the listing of NEWS token on GOPAX. NEWS, an ERC-20 token, is expected to start trading from 3 PM (Korean Standard Time) under the NEWS/KRW trading pair.

For listing details, please visit 

About NEWS token

With applications in the media industry, NEWS token is actively used by a growing number of news media outlets to reward users for completing certain actions, such as reading and sharing news content.

This is made possible by PUBLISH link, an easy-to-integrate web widget that keeps track of reading and sharing activities across the PUBLISH link network.

In order to start earning NEWS tokens, users should sign up for a PUBLISH link account using their preferred sign-in method. At the time of writing, sign-in options include Google, Kakao, Email, and PUBLISH’s own PUBLISH iD.

PUBLISH iD is a blockchain-based self-sovereign identity solution with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet. It serves both as a form of trustless authentication when signing in to PUBLISH link and as a store for NEWS tokens. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

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